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Our company was founded at the end of 2015 by Fernando and Silvia. They shared a common purpose of promoting learning and development through dialogic practices and exchange of genuine experiences, grounded on the knowledge and experiences of a network of facilitators and partners.


The mark of an upward spiral symbolizes the work of transformation in the evolution processes of people and organizations. In cycles, we learn and ascend to new levels of understanding and consciousness. 

The smoothness of the spiral seeks to represent the care and respect that is necessary to inspire and facilitate the development of individuals and organizations in contemporary complex and competitive environments.


da baganha à semente


Baganha is the surname of the founding partners. In Portugal, it is also the name for the capsule structure where the flax seeds grow safely until the harvest. We love this natural inspiration! 

In Baganha, we trust that people and organizations have the powers and resources to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams. Together we want to be the choice of partners to accompany and support the maturation and flourishing of all the potency that individuals and organizations have in themselves.

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